Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Technology Failure!

Phew! well I'm back after not posting anything for a week due to having technology problems. It's amazing how we have come to rely on technology for nearly every aspect of our day to day lives isn't it? Just being without a computer or internet access can seriously slow up your everyday routine when you have to rely on the old methods of pen and paper and using the telephone instead of e:mail! Hopefully my problems are sorted and nothing else will happen (I say crossing fingers) and I will be able to keep you up to date with what's happening!

It's made me all too aware though of the importance of backing up information from your computer regularly. Thankfully I have a clickfree hard drive that automatically backs up my computer every couple of hours so when my computer crashed I was able to restore all of my documents onto my shiny new machine.
This has been invaluable, if I had lost all of my personal stuff it would have been horrible, but if I'd lost business information it would have been a catastrophe! can you imagine having to tell some one that you'd lost all of the paperwork relating to their wedding. It doesn't bear thinking about.

If you use a computer you really need to back up your files. Yes you can get a compuer company to try and retrieve your lost data but this will cost you over a hundered pounds. My little device plugs in you set it and that's it. everything else is done automatically so you don't have to remember to back stuff up... it does it all for you. Magic!

My device is a Clickfree and cost me about £100 but there are lots of others on the market.  Be warned, don't back up and run the risk of losing all of your photo's bank statements, music, video's... the list is endless.

Anyway lecture over! I'll be posting some fab ideas soon.. I promise and fingers crossed all technology will behave itself!


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