Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Neighbours... Everybody needs good Neighbours

I want you to indulge me a little... I want to post something today not about Weddings but about my lovely neighbours.

I have been very fortunate in recent years that in the last two properties where we have resided I have had the most wonderful neighbours that anyone could wish for. In fact despite my last neighbours Julie & Michael, moving to Australia some four years ago we are still in touch and I can't imagine Julie not being a part of my life. 

My current neighbours Angie and Keith have always been very good and taken in parcels, kept an eye out for the kids etc, you know the ususal kinds of stuff that neighbours do for one another, but Angie & Keith  went one step further than most neighbours and recently let me take over their home (well their very nice brand new extension and luxury fitted kitchen really) so that I could do some filming. Bearing in mind that my request was sprung on them at the last minute ( due to someone else pulling out ) they were so accomodating. Even allowing me to switch off their Fridge, as it made too much noise while we were filming (and it's a huge American Style fridge freezer that needed to be wheeled out so that we could switch it off!), and keeping their dog out of the way of the cameraman as he is allergic; not once did they complain! (Note you don't realise how noisy everyday items are until you need them to be quiet!)

Of course I have sent a card over and a little gift, but I just wanted to thank them publicly for being the most lovely genuine people and indulging their rather mad and exciteable neighbour. I don't know what I would have done without you. You went far above and beyond the call of neighbourly duty. Thanks, It goes without saying .. I owe you one.

Oh and I forgot to say that Keith also bakes us (and other neighbours) cakes how nice is that?  Lovely cakes too that we all fight over (That's me and the husband and kids, not me and the other neighbours!), not the horrible kind that mad old aunties bake that you chuck in the bin when they've gone home! Really lovely home made cakes that my mouth loves so much but my hips don't like so much.

And... while I'm on at thanking folk who have been helping me out recently I really need to thank my good friend Carol A who is always offering good impartial advice, boosting my confidence and getting out her little black book of contacts. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you even though you are not in the slightest bit excited about the Royal Wedding LOL x

I could go on as ther are lots of people that are always there for me... but I won't (phew I hear you cry, thank God for that)  after all it's not theAcademy Awards! However to all of you and you know who you are DT, KB etc... Thanks and I love ya. x

I am a lucky girl!


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