Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hidden Treasure

Today I have had a busy day sourcing lots of items for a forthcoming project. I found most of what I was looking for at the fabulous Dainty Supplies in Washington Tyne & Wear. They have a fabulous array of everything you will need for a spot of DIY customisation of your wedding day. They stock everything from sparkly gems to chair sashes and everything in between and at fabulous prices.
If you can't get there in person you can check out their website for lots of online bargains. I promise you one visit and you will be hooked!

If you are venturing out to visit them in person you should also check out the brilliant Design a Cake which is a few doors away. They stock everything you could possibly need for making fabulous cakes. I am trying to persuade the fabulously talented Nadia to do some online tutorials for this blog.. She currently runs cake decorating and sugarcraft workshops at Bowburn Community Centre in Durham. Check out her site at http://www.sucrefleur.co.uk/.

I will post some pictures of what I make with my shopping trip finds soon... watch this space.

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