Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday Inspiration

Whether your planning to decorate a room or planning your wedding,  mood boards are a creative tool that allow you to focus your ideas in one place and develop and share the visual direction. 

When planning any event it helps to have a refrence that you can keep coming back to, to make sure that you are on the right track. Lots of event planners create "mood" boards so that potential clients get an idea of what their event could look like.
There are thousands of beautiful  images out there on the internet. There's no need to feel guilty about being influenced by others or by the things you see in the internet or in  magazines. The truth is everything is constantly evolving and everything is inspired by something else. Your mood board is a starting point for your design process and will be used as inspiration rather than following and recreating a particular look
There are basically two ways to make your mood board. The first is using either poster board or something similar, and decorating it with photos, glossy magazine cut-outs, etc. that you cut and literally paste onto the board.The second is using digital software or a similar program to cut and paste photos, phrases, etc. into a digital collage. Personally I use the digital method first and then create a actual board with images and fabrics so that my clients have a point of refrence thoughout the process.

Anyone can make a mood board you don't need to be an artist or a designer. simply start by collecting images that appeal to you (you will start to notice a pattern) and then arrange them till they please you. Easy peasy.

Style me pretty have a brilliant online tool where you can start creating digital boards for your wedding. What are you waiting for... have a go yourself
Here are a couple of the gorgeous boards created at

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