Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beautiful Bouquets

A beautiful Bridal Bouquet is almost as important as The Dress. All eyes will be upon it as you gracefully waltz down that aisle in all your finery. The choices nowadays are endless, no longer do you have to settle for a standard bouquet of roses, the world is quite literally your oyster.
Many brides look for something beautiful and unusual to carry with them. The recent trend for heirloom bouquets is still huge and many stunning creations can be found at the brilliant Tiny Gems.
However for those brides that are looking for something out of the ordinary I have come across these stunning examples....

Though they may not be to everyones taste, they are brilliant examples of how to think outside the box when deciding on what to include in your bridal bouquet. The stunning succulents bouquet would be great for a Mexican Hacienda themed wedding and the candy bouquet looks so fun that I don't think I would ever manage to carry it without having a nibble! The Blackberry Bouquet too is a step away from the norm and would look stunning for an Autumn wedding.

personally, I love these stunning button bouquets from The Patchwork Bride at They're gorgeous.

button bouquet from
Springtime bouquet from the patchwork bride at

sea breeze button bouquet from the patchwork bride at

 Also available is this beautiful wrist corsage.. and it's only £10!
Wrist corsage from

What would be in your fantasy bouquet?
Trish X

PS I don't know where the top photo's came from. If you know get in touch and I will happily add a credit.

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