Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Finally, I think I have my technology gremlins sorted!(keeping fingers crossed that I haven't spoken too soon)
This past week I have been super busy with a couple of events that are happening in the next couple of months. First one being a charity event to raise money for the Japanese Tsunami appeal and the second one being an end of year leaving party for a local school.

I am really excited about the leaving party as the school are bucking the trend to go for the usual end of year prom that has been so popular in recent years in favour for an event that parents won't feel obliged to shell out hundreds of pounds for.

My eldest Daughter has been to a couple of Proms over the years that quite frankly have cost a fortune. By the time we paid for a dress, shoes and accessories, a hairdresser, nail technician, limo hire etc the final cost has runs into the hundreds of pounds!

I know that most girls like dressing up (including me) and I think organising a leavers prom at the end of high school is a nice idea (when they are at least 16) but recently I have heard tales of leavers proms being organised for the end of every school year! How extravagant, how many parents can afford that once a year?

Anyway, the event that I am organising for a local school is an end of year Leavers Luau. Think of the party at the end of Grease 2 (Without the bad behaviour and motorbikes!)

We will be having  a Luau King and Queen voted for by the children's classmates. Hawaiian barbecue and party games, grass skirts and the whole place is going to be lit by lanterns!(battery powered ones obviously for H&S). I am so excited about it. I have spent hours researching and tracking down companies to supply decorations etc and will be working with some of the children over the coming weeks to make some costumes which is really great.

I love planning all types of events, but especially love the ones where the clients are so hands on and as excited as I am. The Headteacher and the other staff are all really keen to make this event spectacular for the children and have been working so hard for so long on making things perfect, I am in awe of how much work they have put in outside of the school day.

None of the children have any idea of what is planned and I am sure that they will be in awe when they see the finished venue, I can hardly wait to see their expressions!

I am also organising a Eurovision Party this weekend ( I love Eurovision!) and a Party for my Daughter who leaves school this year, (Her school isn't organising any events which i think is a bit mean but there you go, they obviously have their reasons ) So you can imagine that sometimes when it comes to my private life I just want to put on my PJ's and chill in front of the TV as I'm all partied out with work!

I will keep you updated on developments and post some pictures soon. Keep everything crossed that my technology behaves!
Till next time

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