Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday 13th

I don't think of myself as a superstitious person. I am happy to walk under ladders, I own a jet black cat, and I am the one person who is always happy to throw away those silly chain letters that you get. So why do I insist on putting the same lottery numbers on every week? Statistically I have the same chance of winning with any numbers that I choose. But every week I make sure that my poor Husband puts on the same numbers that I have had for years.

On the odd occasion that he has forgotten you would think I had just lost a fortune. "I bet my numbers come up tonight and I don't have a ticket and it'll be your fault" I wail (Well not wail but you know what I mean) I imagine all sorts of scenarios where I have the only winning ticket, that I have won the jackpot... if only he had remembered to buy my ticket( This has obviously never happened) So you would think that this alone would be enough to convince me that I don't have to put the same numbers on every week, that I don't have to buy a ticket because the statistics of winning are so unbelievably low...

But no. I still insist on putting on those blasted numbers. Off I trot to the newsagent religiously hoping that this will be the week that my numbers will come up.

I think I am a relatively intelligent person so why can't I stop buying a lottery ticket and save my cash so that I can buy something nice instead of throwing it away on a slip of paper with a few numbers written on it. I wish I could break this habit, that someone would release me from my lottery OCD Hell.

So today Friday 13th I am off to buy that winning ticket with the same numbers in the vain hope that this time tomorrow I'll be a millionaire. Fingers crossed.. It could be me!


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