Saturday, 12 March 2011

Let them eat cake

Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot on April 29th at Westminister Abbey and it seems like the whole world has gone Royal Wedding crazy. Ten American cake designers have come up a confection collection for the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Below are a sample of what the designers think will appeal to the royal couple.

Image by Elizabeth Hodes
 New York-based wedding cake artist Elizabeth Hodes has come up with this regal creation. Thedesign elements of the cake were taken directly from Prince William's coat of arms, including the unicorn and lion gumpaste pillars. A sugar gem sapphire fashioned after Kate Middleton's engagement ring is the central gem of the crown cake topper.
Image by Shelly's Cake Studio
Westminster Abbey provide the inspiration for this cake by Shelly's Cake Studio. The Abbey's stained glass rose window is the focal point, and is made with melted sugar. A handmade three-dimensional crown is perched regally on the top.

Image by Colette's cakes

This cake by Colette's Cakes apparently reflects the couples spring wedding. Hundreds of handmade sugar flowers adorn each tier with significance to the royal family, including daffodils, lily of the valley, and English bluebells

You can check out the rest of the designs at abc news international. You can be assured that whatever design the Royal Couple decide upon it will no doubt taste amazing and be copied by bakers across the world.

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