Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oh Baby

Today I was asked if Baby Showers were becoming more popular here in the UK.
Well the short answer is yes. Over the years I have seen a steady increase in this type of celebration. In my experience more and more Grandmothers are choosing to host these events for their expectant Daughters / Daughters in Law as we become increasingly more "Americanised".
I know that there are some people out there who think Baby showers are just another excuse to have an excpensive party, but I think it is a lovely idea and it neededn't necessarily cost the earth.
There are lots of ways to have a baby shower without having to spend heaps of money. All it takes is a little imagination and some time. There are lots of Crafting CD's out there which will allow you to make your own Invitations, decorations and favours. All you need to do is get a group of friends over and get them involved in cutting & sticking for a few hours!
If there is someone with a particular talent for baking, you could ask them to make a cake or even better lots of cupcakes (who doesn't love cupcakes?)
It isn't about showering the expectant Mum or Baby with lots of gifts as some pople may think. Traditionally showers were only given for the first child and only women attended. They were intended to share wisdom and lessons about becoming a Mother to the expectant Mum, by other more exerienced Mothers. Who wouldn't want a bit of advice and some support?
However, over time it has becoming increasingly common for people to hold showers for every child and nowadays men are welcome too.
Interestingly, it is common for lots of faiths to hold baby showers but quite often they are known by other names for example in Northern India they are known as godbharaai and in Western India they are known as dohhaaljewan.
Ultimately a baby shower is supposed to be fun and most importantly to celebrate a pending or recent birth of a new life. It can include giving gifts, but it really needn't mean having to purchase lavish gifts. It's more important to share the gifts of knowledge, friendship and support.... and cake of course!
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