Friday, 18 February 2011

Gypsy Weddings

Today the conversation has been filled with talk of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that ended on Tuesday (15th Feb)
Everyone from Grandmothers to the local postman has an opinion of the travelling community and boy they don't mind sharing it! Everything from the elaborate dresses, and cakes, to the customs of "grabbing" and removing young girls from schooling so that they can clean their "vans" and look after the younger children has been talked about in the office, the hairdressers and the playground for the last five weeks.

I can't remember the amount of times that I have been asked "If a traveller came to you, and wanted you to organise their wedding, would you?" My answer is always the same. If I get on with the couple and I can give them what they want then of course I would. The fact that they are travellers wouldn't come into it.

I get to know all potential clients before they hire me to manage their Wedding or any other event that they may planning. This is a crucial part of my role, to ensure that I know a little bit about them and they can get to know me, before they make a decision to hire me.

I ask about  their background, their jobs, how they met, how long they have been engaged, if they have been married before and what made them decide to get married. I ask a lot of questions, but most importantly I listen to their responses.

 I ask these questions so I can get to know about what kinds of things are important to them as a couple and individually, so that I can be sure to make the right suggestions and guide them through the planning process. The last thing I want is to suggest something that may not be right for them.

I ask them about what kind of event they have in mind, and if they don't have any definite ideas I can make suggestions. However, more often than not, most Brides to be have a clear vision of how their Wedding Day should be. Then it is down to me to make suggestions as to how we can make it happen and ensure that they have a day to remember.

When planning a wedding I will spend a lot of time with the couple, so it's crucial that we get on and that I fully understand their wishes. Vice versa the couple will want to ask me questions to make sure that I am the right person for the job.

The same process applies, no matter who the couple are or what background they come from. It is for me as an Event Manager to understand my client’s needs and be able to deliver the event that they have asked for. It is never about what I may or may not feel about a clients choice.

I have had people say to me “Why on earth did you let her choose that dress, or those flowers or those shoes". My answer is this. It is the Bride & Grooms Wedding and it is about their vision. Yes I will offer advice and guidance to them and if I think some other choice may be more appropriate I will make suggestions for them to consider. However, I will always take the instructions of the couple and deliver their dream not mine.

For me a successful event is one where the couple get exactly what they want. Now whether that happens to be a 25 stone wedding dresses a glass carriages or a Fluorescent orange bridesmaids dress is a different story!

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